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Welcome to this e-environment on Nature Based Solutions 4 Water case studies. Our aim is to collect case studies on Nature Based Solutions (NBS) in order to give added benefit to the World Water Development Report 2018 (WWDR2018). The WWDR is a UN-Water report which is  produced by UNESCO WWAP in close collaboration with 31 members and 39 Partners of UN-Water as well as a number of prominent researchers/institutions.

We do this by collecting case studies that among others show case and answer factors that are being questioned and discussed in the WWDR2018, like for example:

  • why to choose a NBS in stead of a grey solution?
  • what are the evidences of impact of NBS?
  • how did the enabling environment influence implementation?

Join in and share your case-study and/or use these to complement your use of the WWDR2018.

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  1. it s in the water 2018

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